SPKS  Background

Solar Pests Killing System

We are in the midst of the second generation of the system containing a smart battery which works for 24 hours a day, seven days a week for five years.

Solar systems can be located in any area including urban residential areas in accordance with its ability to capture and monitor the environment without using hazardous pesticides

The system developed is every farmers dream as it may reduce up to 40 percent of the need for chemical pesticides.

solar system for killing pests

A solar system for killing pests in nature is an advanced development of experiments which initially started with Indian agronomists. They performed nocturnal experiments with light distribution in low growing areas.

Chinese companies have tried to develop the idea and therefore took measurements of light intensity in open areas to examine the efficiency of lighting as a basis for traps.

The first basic device that used batteries was developed using solar energy combined with blue-purple lighting. The lighting attracts the insects to a metal device which kills the insects.